Industrial & Bulk
Product Solutions

Industrial and Bulk Product Solutions

Our long experience in commodity trading means our expertise and specialist knowledge is second to none. Consistently high quality ingredients underpin what we do, while our service levels and competitive pricing means we are the first choice for your volume product needs.

We are a BRC AA-grade rated production facility.

Products can be supplied ‘as imported’ (after undergoing UK Quality Control checks), or as UK re-cleaned, as required.

BRCGS food safety accredited
Bulk Mixing Service

We are able to create and blend bespoke mixes for you.

Contact us with your specific requirements.

  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 11.34kg
  • 12.5kg
  • 25kg


These sizes are standard, but we can pack in different sizes to meet your specific requirements.

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Foodservice, Catering &  

Packed in sizes suitable for catering, foodservice and wholesale customers