Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

January 2019

 Market Highlights

California has experienced similarly (to Almonds)  an unexpected nevv crop Objective estimate- released on 30th August- which largely dumfounded the industry due to its small size. The hope is that September-October will see a similar [to almonds) price correction, although it might take until the harvest is further underway during October, for the news and views ot the growers to put the new crop size into a more positive light… hopefully

We visited our main supplier first week of September in Greece and it was an interesting time to see the harvest well under way, as well as the crop drying on the ground and some of the first production under way in the factory.

As always for this time of year. the Southern USA Hurricane Dorian was destructive in the extreme. While this was catastrophic for the Bahamas, the damage to the key Georgian crop was minimal, although some damage was reported in smaller crops in Florida and the Carolinas. The weather watch is on, and will remain a key factor up to harvest over Oct-Nov.

 Mark Setterfield – September 2019

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