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September October 2020

 Market Highlights

Greek currants pricing over this past season have been a lot more competitive than we have seen for some years and while the weather this summer was good for the developing crop, it seems that the bigger production last year has triggered a smaller one in 2020. Clearly, demand and the extent to which this pushes this reduced crop will be clear. There are many different views on the extent to which a second wave will hit the UK-from regional to national lockdowns.

From California, their new crop harvest is under way and the quality is reported to be excellent. The volume is said to be around 10% less than last year (est. 230,000 tons) but after slow sales in recent months, the carry-in should more than make up the shortfall.

Some of you will be aware that there have been some serious quality issues reported recently on various products that contained brazil nuts – and culminating in a number of separate product recalls being instigated. We wanted to say that this raw material has been processed and sourced from origin in the same way for decades and we would hope that a problem like this, as serious as it is, would not permanently tarnish the reputation of such a unique and interesting product.

 Mark Setterfield – September 2020

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