Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

January 2019

 Market Highlights

As a result of a drop in yield, many Californian walnut handlers (processors) have withdrawn from offering yet into 2020, but when they do-we can be sure that they will be pricing this at higher prices. Unfortunately, these higher prices have opened the door to the “cheaper” origins to push for market share. China being the main protagonist

Latest reports suggest that the U.S. and Canadian crops are both around 15-20% down on last year after prolonged cool and wet weather conditions over the growing period have combined to worst effect. They also report small berry counts which will impact on overall yields and a high proportion of while and immature berries which will not make the grade

If the other edible oil markets continue to rise and coconut oil goes with them, then the decrease in yield and availability of coconut for all purposes will almost certainly combine to effect price increases into 2020

 Mark Setterfield – November 2019

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