Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

January 2019

 Market Highlights

The April Californian walnut Report outlines a continued trend of significantly higher domestic and export sales. The monthly total (inshell and kernels combined) showing a 17% increase against April 2018.

Chile’s new season is now under way and reports are consistent that the crop is down on last year. The primary production for the Chilean crop is to produce fresh for the table grape market. The remainder heads towards the wineries and raisin producers. An average raisin crop for Chile is 60,000mts, of which 30% are Flames.

As with all other Turkish products mentioned in this report, the fluctuations of the Lira are a key factor in its export pricing and with apricots, in particular, there is a growing sense that there may be more of a forward “upside” on pricing than the opposite.

 Mark Setterfield – June 2019

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