Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

September October 2020

 Market Highlights


2021 has started with some renewed forward demand on pecans, which after a flat Q4 in 2020 is welcome news for sellers in both Mexico and the USA. Pricing on Halves, in particular, are firming while Pieces are still in good availability so the differential between the two is widening but with the prospects of Pieces prices firming as well if and as Halves

After many years of price stability when strong supply overall could easily absorb increasing activity of seed manufacturer and export, this year has seen a tip in the balance.

So apart from any sporadic help coming from the currency, we expect pricing to remain firm into the summer when hopefully, and weather permitting, the balance will tip back and we will have better supply to look forward to for the 2021-22 season to follow.


One unexpected but dramatic impact of the virus has been the lack of availability of containers created by more shipments leaving the Far East than are subsequently returning there. As a result, the shipping companies are ramping up the freight costs per each container to obscene levels because the containers are not being recycled quick enough.

 Mark Setterfield – January 2021

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