Dried fruit, nuts and seeds

January 2019

 Market Highlights

We know that the collapse of Korean demand has significantly changed the level of total demand, and that the UK and Europe combined are still way off their traditional volumes.
On the other hand, the low pricing and poor liquidity amongst both collector and factories means that the stocks are slow in coming in from the jungle, and the volumes being bought and processed by the factories is down to levels to keep running, but way below capacity.


After many months of delay, Russia has finally started to issue export licenses for shipments of its Siberica pinenuts to China.
These licenses are ordinarily issued from October and so this delay has caused hardship both to Russian exporters, who have lost out on sales, and Chinese processors, who rely on this supplemental volume to produce.

While there is no risk to the products themselves, those vessels that have come from, or called in to Chinese ports are now required to present a Maritime Declaration of Health (MOH) to the Port Health authorities, in order to assess the health of those working on the ships. This in itself will create another delay.

 Mark Setterfield – February 2020

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