Curtis Dried Fruit, Nuts and Seeds Market Report: April 2021

Curtis Market report April

Market Highlights

The disruption to normal business in Bolivia has been severe and as prices have climbed, so has the reluctance by smaIler exporters to honour their earlier and lower priced export sales.

These delays, and those coming from poor availability of containers to physically ship stock in, is creating a trickle feed and as demand picks up, there is insufficient supply to meet demand.

While these higher prices may well impact on new demand coming from Developers, for those of us who have brazils already listed, an increase of around 75% over five months is untenable.

The March report from the Californian Walnut Board was released on April 7th and continues to show some amazing growth in their export sales.
Domestic activity was down 76% on the month (March ’27 v March ’20) but some of their export destinations have seen strong monthly growth year on year

After the major price escalation at the start of this season, we have thankfully seen prices at least stabilise. With all attention focused on the weather over the key summer growing months, and the hope that a return to a normal crop and a surplus of supply, could see prices ease back off at least towards more recognizable price levels.

 Mark Setterfield – April 2021

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